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Diploma in Marketing Management

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Consumer Behaviour

Roberts-Lombard, Brijbal - 4th Edit
R 510,00

General Principles of Commercial Law

Schulze et al. - 9th Edit
R 659,00

Market Research in Practice

Haggue, Cupman, Harrison, Truman - 3rd Edit
R 575,00


Lamb, C. Hair, J - 6th Edit
R 625,00

Marketing Management (Global Edition) 15th Ed

Kotler, P and Keller, K.L - 15th Edit
R 889,00

Personal Selling

Cant - 4th Edit
R 519,00

Accounting an Introduction (13th ed)

Lexis Nexis
R 1 113,00

Basic Mathematics

T Wegner - 2nd Edit
R 389,00

Economics for South African Students

Mohr, P.& Associates - 5th Edit
R 625,00

Financial Management (2019 - 9th edition): Soft Copy

C Correia, D Flynn, E Uliana, M Wormald, J Dillon - 9th Edit
R 915,00

General Principles of Commercial Law

H Schulze, R Kelbrick, T Manamela, P Stoop, E Mana - 8th Edit
R 615,00