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Health Professionals - Theory, Skills And Applications

Author: Ledlow, Bosworth, Mayon
ETA 4-6 Weeks
SKU: 9781284254785
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Leadership for Health Professionals: Theory, Skills, and Applications, Fourth Edition is the first textbook of its kind to apply classical knowledge of leadership theory and time-honored best practices of industry leaders to a health organization context. This comprehensive and well-organized text is grounded in real-world applications of theoretical concepts, and focuses on practical examples of leadership in actual healthcare scenarios. Themes such as organizational culture, cultural competency, ethical frameworks and moral practice, scientific methodology, and leader competencies are woven through the entire text. The authors’ perspective focuses on the most pertinent leadership content, theories, models, principles, and strategies that produce results in the health industry. The authors―now with the updated fourth edition and new coauthors who bring physician practice, nursing practice, and executive health insurance practice into the text―have put many of these theories and models into practice during the course of successful practitioner careers.