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Conquest, Constitutionalism And Democratic Contestations: South African Perspectives

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Author/s: Modiri J. M
1st Edition
SKU: 9780367236847
R 795.00
Two decades since the enactment of South Africa's present constitution, the durability and endurance of 'past' inequalities and injustices illustrate that the 'new South Africa' - lauded as a miracle nation with the best constitution in the world - can no longer be regarded as an unqualified success. The legal and constitutional foundations of post-1994 South Africa are in a process of renegotiation that invites new and alternative perspectives and approaches. This comprehensive volume explores this process of renegotiation by engaging political and intellectual contestations circulating in South African academic and public discourse relating to continuities and discontinuities between the colonial-apartheid past and the post-1994 constitutional present.