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Bcom in Business Management

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Auditing Fundamentals in a South African Context

von Weilligh P, Prinsloo F - 1st Edit
R 549,00

Business Functions - An Introductions

Van Zyl, J Van Noordwyk, A Du Toit - 3rd Edit
R 439,00

Business Research Methods

William G. Zikmund, Christina Quinlan, Mitch Griff - 2019 - 2nd Edit
R 945,00

Fundamentals of Risk Management

Hopkin - 5th Edit
R 699,00

General Principles of Commercial Law

Schulze et al. - 9th Edit
R 659,00

Human Resources Management

Werner, Nel, Botha et al - 10th Edit
R 559,00

Internal Auditing - An Integrated Approach

R Cascarino - 3rd Edit
R 569,00

Investment Management

Marx - 2016 - 5th Edit
R 439,00

Knowledge Management in Organizations - A critical Introduction

Hislop, Bosua, Helms - 2018 - 4th Edition
R 545,00

Law of Business Structures, (2012): Soft Copy

F H I Cassim (Managing Editor), M F Cassim, R Cass - 1st Edit
R 699,00

Principles of Supply Chain Management: A balanced approach

Hendrikse, J.W & Hendrikse, L.H - 5th Edit
R 918,00

Quality Management for Organizational Excellence

Goetsch, DL, Davis, SB - 7th Edit
R 985,00

Risk Management:Managing Enterprise Risk

Valsamakis, Vivian & - 4th Edit
R 628,00

Supply Chain Management Logistics Perspectives

Coyle, Langley, Novack, Gibson - 10th Edit
R 859,00