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BA Social Science (Community Service)

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Community Development Breaking Cycle of Poverty

Hennie Swanepoel, Frik De Beer - 6th Edit
R 425,00

De Haan's Health of South Africa

De Haan - 11th Edit
R 320,00

Developmental Psychology

Watts, J., Cockcroft, K. & Duncan, N - 2nd Edit
R 714,00

Dynamics of Managing Diversity A Critical Approach

Gill Kirton Anne-Marie Greene - 4th Edit
R 450,00

Effectively Managing and Leading Human Service Organizations

Ralph Brody Murali Nair - 1st Edit
R 2 245,00

Guide to Managing Public Policy, A

Fox W, Bayat MS, Fer - 1st Edit
R 377,00

HIV/AIDS Care & Counselling

van Dyk - 6th Edit
R 540,00

Human Resource Management

Amos T, Pearse N, Ristow L, & Ristow A - 5th Edit
R 525,00

Introduction to Social Work

P. Mbedzi, L. Qalinge, P. Schultz, J. Sekudu - 1st Edit
R 415,00

Professional Nurse Series: Palliative Care

Dinat N, Geyer N - 1st Edit
R 218,00

Psychology: Intro For Students In Sa 2E

Louw - 2nd Rev Edit
R 950,00

Social Welfare and Social Development

Patel - 2nd Edit
R 595,00

Sociology - A South African Perspecitve

Ferrante, Seedat, Jansen, Smith - 1st Edit
R 799,00